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Thank you Rev. Jeswin S John for celebrating today’s Holy Qurbana service and for the inspiring message. Thanks to lay leaders, choir, and media committee for assisting with today's service. 

Worship Service

  • Next Sunday, November 27, 2022
  • Holy Qurbana service in Malayalam at 8:30 AM (Rev. Jeswin S John)
  • Sunday School will be online

Bible Study

NO Bible Study will be conducted this week (Wednesday November 23, 2022).

Sunday School

The general body meeting of St. John's Mar Thoma Church Sunday School will be held on Sunday November 27, 2022, after the Holy Qurbana Service in the Evanswood church fellowship hall. The meeting will be presided over by Vicar/President Rev. Jeswin S John. 

The Agenda is as follows:

  1. Election of SS Secretary
  2. Election of SS Treasurer
  3. Election of Representative to the Midwest SS
  4. Election of Auditors
  5. Appointment of SS superintendent
  6. Any other matters with the permission of the chair.

All Sunday School teachers are requested to attend. 

Carol Rounding

Christmas Carol Rounding is scheduled for the following dates: Nov. 27th, Dec 3rd, Dec 4th, Dec 10th, and Dec 11th (reserve day).

Day 1 Sunday November 27, 2022

  • Start time: 3:00 pm
  • First house: Mr. Kurian Jacob & family
  • Last house: Mr. Bino Varghese & family

Day 2 Saturday December 3, 2022

  • Start time: 4:00 pm
  • First house: Mr. Chacko Varghese & family
  • Last house: Mr. Jossy Mathai & family

Day 3 Sunday December 4, 2022

  • Start time: 3:00 pm
  • First house: Mr. Anil Sam & family
  • Last house: Mr. Nirmal Mathews & family

Day 4 Saturday December 10, 2022 

  • Grand Rapid area
  • Start time: TBD

If you have any questions, please contact conveners Mr. Solomon Abraham or Mr. Nirmal Mathews 

Carol rounding song practice will be held on Saturday November 26, 2022, at 1:30 pm in the church. Humbly request your participation. 

Young Families Retreat

  • Date: December 29 - 30, 2022
  • Theme: Rekindle: Restoring Hope to our World
  • Venue: Carmel Mar Thoma Center, GA
  • Registration Fee: $50 per person
  • Registration Deadline: December 1, 2022

Youth Fellowship- Midwest Mar Thoma Regional Youth Conference

  • ​Theme: Quo Vadis: Where are you going? - Acts 26:16
  • Dates: Monday, December 26th, 2022 to Thursday, December 29th, 2022
  • Location: Michindoh Conference Center, Hillsdale, MI
  • Main Speaker: Rev. Larry P. Varghese
  • Ages: 14+ (8th Grade onwards)
  • Registration Fee: $165 USD
  • Early Registration Deadline: December 4th, 2022
  • Registration Link:

Parish organizations & Prayer Groups

Organizations & prayer groups elections for the year 2023 office bearers must be elected before December 31, 2022. The elected list must be submitted to the Vicar or parish secretary. 

Trustees Request- Pending dues

Trustees are requesting members who have pending dues from the auction held during the church picnic, first fruit auction, and food purchase from the cultural fest- CHEVRA to submit dues as soon as possible so that accounts from the respective events can be closed. Humbly request your generous Tithe offering to be submitted as well. We appreciate your cooperation. 


Thank you Refreshment Committee, for organizing today's refreshments. 

Birthday & Wedding Anniversary

St. John's Mar Thoma Church would like to wish all celebrating their birthday and wedding anniversary this coming week. May God Bless you.

Prayer Requests 

  • Let's pray for those having health challenges:
    • Mr. George Chacko
    • Mr. George K Thomas & Mrs. Aleyamma Thomas
    • Mr. K. R Samuel
    • All those are going through cancer treatments. 
  • Let's pray for our dear Elsy Kochamma, as she recovers from her illness. 
  • Let's pray for our member Mrs. Lilly Samuel as she recovers from her illness.
  • Let's pray for the Global issue we are currently facing with the outbreak of Coronavirus and for all doctors, nurses, all health workers, essential employees, and all small business workers who are helping provide medications and food for all of us. Let's pray for all those infected, including the President
  • Let's pray for all those who are struggling with unemployment. 
  • Let's pray for our community, so we may live with peace and love.

If you are not receiving emails from the church, please notify us by sending information (full name and email address) to

THANK YOU and Have a blessed Week

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